W&P Porter Ceramic Mug w/ Protective Silicone Sleeve, Charcoal 16 Ounces | On-the-Go | No Seal Tight | Reusable Cup for Coffee or Tea | Portable | Dishwasher Safe

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  • EVERYDAY LUXURY: An interior ceramic mug is fitted with a protective silicone sleeve that is soft on the hands to prevent scratches and spills; Available in a crave-worthy color palette; so your drink looks as good as it tastes at home or while you travel
  • PREMIUM, FOOD GRADE MATERIALS: Crafted from durable ceramic with a matte silicone wrap and a BPA-free press-fit lid, this reusable tumbler is a stylish update to disposable plastic cups or metal to-go mugs — the perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers; Mug is warm to the touch with a hot a drink inside
  • A WALKING COMPANION: Enjoy clean comfortable sipping without a metallic aftertaste; Lid presses gently into mug to help avoid spills — designed for gentle transit (fits in most car cup holders), the mug is splash-resistant but not leak-proof
  • EASY CLEANING: The Porter Mug is designed to make life easy — throw it in the microwave for a quick reheat before you head out, and then hand-wash it or place it in the dishwasher for a quick clean; Dimensions: 5.5” x 3.25” x 3.25"
  • PRO TIP: This mug is not insulated, so drinks will cool at a regular pace; Heat the mug with hot water first if you like your drinks piping hot; Check out our Porter Insulated collection for drinkware with long-lasting temperature control

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Capacity16 Ounces
  1. Travel

  2. Everyday
Specific Uses For ProductHot Drinks
Product Care InstructionsDishwasher Safe
Unit Count1.0 Count
Item Weight1 pounds
Product Dimensions3.23 x 3.23 x 5.51 inches
Number of Items1
Package TypeStandard Packaging
Country of OriginChina
Item model numberWP-PMCL-CH
Date First AvailableSeptember 16, 2019
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on October 03, 2022
This is just what I was looking for. Cup fits perfectly in my side pocket of backpack. The coffee stays warmer than in a paper cup which is what I wanted. I also wanted a wide mouth regular size cup to hold; and one that could go into the microwave. There were no big leaks…I didn’t place the cup slanted or on the side to test it. But it didn’t leak in my backpack as I wore it all day while traveling with plenty of rough handling. No leaks. This cup also is dishwasher safe. I appreciate that it is a ceramic cup. I used it once for a weeklong business trip and traveled with good hot coffee in a great looking cup!
Reviewed on July 25, 2022
I like this. I got this bc stainless steel gives me the heebie jeebies at times plus I never know which product might add a bit of a metal taste as I drink (kind of takes away from the hot drink imo); I didn’t want glass bc I figured that likely not possible for hot drinks (all my water bottles are glass though); and most definitely did not want plastic. The reviews that share it is too hot to hold at first if super hot liquid inside are accurate. I put two napkins around it to get past that. The reviews that it doesn’t leak-leak but some liquid does come out on top of lid if walking, driving , etc. are accurate as well (if full). A bit leaked on top but not enough to spill over sides or on me. It is a great stay- in-one-place mug especially if don’t need lid on right away (sides aren’t as hot at all then) and it is good /easy to drink from on the go with the lid on once slightly cool (don’t worry, I don’t mean cold or lukewarm, just no longer “out of a boiled kettle hot”). -Haven’t tried it with coffee machine temp (which I find cooler than kettle temp) but I suspect it would be just fine with that/easy to hold from the get go without two napkins wrapped around it.
Reviewed on September 28, 2022
I really wanted to love this mug. I still want to love this mug. It is easy to hold as long as you haven’t filled it with hot coffee, because then it can get uncomfortably hot. I cannot say for sure that it is truly leak proof because I haven’t tipped it or knocked it over or anything.
Reviewed on July 25, 2022
I needed a coffee cup for work and I liked the look of this one plus with the silicone like outside I figured it would help with the grip. For the price the cup is great, everything works and it’s easy enough to clean. My only real ‘gripe’ would have to be how the cup takes on the contents temperature - hot or cold. If you put in some hot coffee it’s almost difficult to hold for the first few minutes. It’s not unbearable, but was unexpected. I’ve never had a cup take on the contents temperature like that. This also does the same with cold liquids. Some may like that - I could see it being nice on a freezing winter day - but I had hoped the outer texture would dissipate the contents temperature more than it does. I’m not sure if other reviews touched on that but I thought it was worth a mention.
Reviewed on September 08, 2022
This is a beautiful travel cup! I love the colors, I LOVE how it feels in my hands. It just doesn't keep my coffee warm very long. I know stainless steel would do it, but I don't love drinking out of metal. 🤷 So I'll just drink faster with my gorgeous cup. 🤗
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
Great cup but didn’t keep my coffee as hot for as long as my cheaper one
Reviewed on August 04, 2022
The main reason for purchasing this mug was it was the largest mug that will fit into our superautomatic coffee maker. So slightly wider and less tall was perfect. It's ceramic will a rubberized cover; very easy to hold. If it has one downside it is not very insulating, but it will heat up a bit. Not too hot to hold, but close.
Reviewed on July 19, 2022
Love the soft pink color and the “feel” of this mug. However it is very hot and hard to hold until your beverage cools down. This is not insulated, so do not purchase if you are looking for something to keep your beverage hot (or cold). The lid will leak if it is tilted, make shire room keep it upright. I like this for the sole purpose of reducing the paper cups at coffee shops. If you keep that in mind, it’s perfect!