T-WARE Ceramic Mug, Microwave Safe Mug, Ceramic Coffee Cup, 16 Oz Coffee Mug for Office and Home, Single, Royal Blue

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  • [HEAVY & SOLID] - This is a heavy blue mug. Weight of coffee cup porcelain by T-WARE is 16 ounces, which is enough heavy. Our ceramic mug made with thick wall, which making the mug more solid while using. The coffee mug is 3.4 inches(top cir.), 3.8 inches(bottom cir.), 3.8 inches(height). (TIP: 16 ounces is the largest capacity of ceramic coffee cup.)
  • [GOOD QUALITY & SAFE] - Ceramic mug by T-WARE is made of high-quality porcelain and high temperature, which is lead-free, cadmium-free and harmless. The ceramic coffee mug does not leak, fade or scratch off. Matte mug of T-WARE has smooth surface, which make it easy to clean. Good quality and versatility mug. Suitable for hot coffee, cocoa and cold drinks. OVEN, MICROWAVE, REFRIGERATOR SAFE, Dishwasher safe. (TIP: Recommend hand wash.)
  • [STABLE & BIG HANDLE] - T-WARE's coffee mug is made of special design, which is the bottom wider than the top. Wider bottom of shape design makes sure the mug extra stable. The shape makes it less to tip. The narrower mouth design is the key to keeping your coffee/tea warmer longer. T-WARE's ceramic coffee mug has big handle. This big handle makes more comfortable to hold because it can fit three fingers.
  • [HOUSE WARMING GIFT] - Great for gifting. Various of colors for choice. T-WARE's house warming gift mug is suitable for holidays, birthdays, wedding anniversary, class reunion and other special occasions gift.
  • [PERSONALIZE] - The surface of the blank coffee cup porcelain is smooth to the touch. You can use it to personalize your mug, which is perfect for adhering vinyl stickers, drawing and painting on the surface what you like. The 16 oz plain coffee mug has the good finish, texture and your unique mark. And this special ceramic coffee mug will start every day with you from the morning coffee.

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Reviewed on February 10, 2022
I have been searching endlessly for a coffee mu with a wide base and narrower top. I am a sailor and this makes the mug far more stable at sea than a typical vertical sided orr small base mug. I ordered the tan color. The mugs which have a very narrow top are common on Amazon but this design where the opening is only 1/2 inch smaller diameter than the base with straight sides is more pleasing to me aesthetically. It is a very handsome mug at first glance. The handle is well designed IMO and extremely comfortable to hold for a guy with medium size hands. All good. However, upon detailed inspection I note at least four obvious flaws in the ceramic surface. One along the exterior top rim and three on the inside surface. These don't impact useability at all, however, for a mug that cost almost $16 and was delivered in a beautiful box... nope. Another reviewer noted one of these flaws was on the handle of his mug and made it uncomfortable to hold. I thought this was probably some overly fastidious user and ordered anyway. I guess I got lucky that none of the flaws on my mug are present on the handle. I now completely sympathize with the reviewer who complained about this because they are irregular enough to be uncomfortable to the hand if they were "just so" on the handle. The handle itself appears to be secure but I note a pinhole flaw at the ceramic joint on the upper end of the handle. It is not visually problematic but I do wonder about the quality of the joint. Overall I really like this mug design, but it almost seems like luck of the draw where these flaws are so you might be returning mugs to get a flaw pattern you can live with. It just seems weird to me, almost like these are seconds or something. There is no manufacturers mark on the base so no idea who made them. I am now wondering about the materials used and are these mugs completely safe from that perspective? Probably going down a rabbit hole here but still, after hearing about some of the horror stories ... So, bottom line, like a dented used car that you are really fond of, I am keeping it . I don't think I will buy any more though. Manufacturer should ditch the fancy box and focus on quality ceramic manufacture IMO. edit: I confirm what another reviewer mentioned. The capacity is not as large as advertised. No biggie for me, but come on manufacturer, is an accurate description too much to ask?
Reviewed on August 17, 2022
The size, shape and big handle are excellent. Only wish there were more colors!
Reviewed on March 31, 2022
My husband‘s eyesight is going and he has very little peripheral vision. He has a tendency to knock cups over very easily because he doesn’t see them. I was looking for a mug where the bottom was wider than the top. This fits perfectly. He can bump this all day long and it will not tip over. The handle is big enough for most men to get a couple fingers through and be able to pick it up. I will say, So you may want to consider that. It fits our needs exactly.
Reviewed on May 24, 2022
Love the weight and the wider bottom. It’s hard to tip over and feels sturdy. Great mug I bought one for my husband then bought on later for myself.
Reviewed on December 20, 2021
I absolutely loved this mug. I opened up my package and immediately fell in love with this mug. The mug that I ordered was in blue. The color of it was perfect for me. The mug itself was not too heavy and can withstand heat pretty well. It also makes a perfect gift for someone for the holidays. I recommend this mug to everyone.
Reviewed on March 12, 2022
What's not to like?
Reviewed on September 30, 2021
This is the perfect mug: easily holds 16 ounces of coffee, contoured nicely with a slightly larger base than top, well insulated so coffee does not get cold, easy to hold handle, looks good, dishwasher safe.
Reviewed on October 28, 2021
This mug is very pretty and seems practical. It is heavy and has a wide base for stability. I was very disappointed when I held it to find a blob of ceramic which had been glazed and fired on the inside of the handle. This blob made it painful to hold the mug because it digs into your finger. The quality control had three times they could have addressed this defect. Before firing when they could have removed it and saved the mug. After firing when they could have rejected the mug. And, after glazing when they could have rejected the mug. I would send for another mug but I figure the likelihood of that one having some defect or other is high.