NAUTICA Urban Smart Coffee Tumbler, Smart Water Bottle, Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Intelligent Temperature Display, Outdoor and Indoor, Keeps Hot or Cold (ELEGANT NAVY)


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  • 【INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE DISPLAY】Nautica smart tumbler has an LED Temperature Display on the top of the thermos. The LED screen shows the temperature, and the J class shape changes its color with the change of temperature inside the flask. You can see the temperature by lightly tapping the top of the tumbler.
  • 【SUPERIOR QUALITY & UNIQUE DESIGN】 Nautica coffee tumbler’s classic exterior finish and smart insulation outperform with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. The travel mug keeps your drinks perfectly chilled for up to 24 hours, your coffee or tea will stay hot for up to 12 hours.
  • 【TRIPLE WALL PROTECTION】Not only is it double-walled, with 2 different steel walls on the inside and the outside, there is also an aluminium layer that exists between the two layers that insures temperature protection inside the tumbler.
  • 【LEAKPROOF】Nautica Smart Tumbler has a specially designed slider cap, the BPA-free silicone rubber on each lid ensures no leak, no plastic smell. Professional waterproof design makes cleaning easy and safe.
  • 【BPA FREE FOOD GRADE MATERIAL】 Nautica temperature control travel mug body is made of "Tritan Plus" material developed. It adopts food grade 304 stainless steel with FDA consumption standards. A healthy and safe choice for your beverages!
  • 【2 CAPS IN 1 PACK 】 Nautica smart tumbler has 2 caps in 1 pack. One smart cap for techno-lovers, the other transparent one is for daily use with the benefit of showing what is inside. The slider lid design gives comfortable drinkability with ease of use in both caps.

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Attribute NameAttribute Value
Package Dimensions8.7 x 8.11 x 3.82 inches
Item Weight1.49 pounds
Item model numberNTM0110-1
Batteries2 CR2032 batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableOctober 9, 2021
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating3 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on April 04, 2022
I wouldn't call this "smart" because that, to me, means that you hook it up to your phone, or possibly the internet. But this is pretty neat in that it tells me approximately what the temp of my coffee is before I burn my tongue and the roof of my mouth and back of my throat and just have a bad day in general. Yes, I said "approximately" because it depends on how full your mug is. I had it halfway full of ice water, which should be 32 degrees, and it said that it was 45. That's probably the temperature of the air between the water and the lid. I had issues with the metal battery compartment tool. After bending it around a lot, I just used a pair of scissors that were handy. Mine came with two batteries, so I really like that. Make sure you put in the battery correctly. The flatter side goes on the bottom, which I didn't expect. If you put in the battery & it doesn't work, pull it out, flip it over, and try again. As for keeping my drink hot or cold, this works as advertised. Again, the air gap between the lid and the drink will change the temp. If you don't drink anything, it takes a while to cool down or heat up. If you drink hot coffee and then let in the cool air, which you kind of have to do because physics, it will cool the remaining coffee. (I am not going to tell you how old I was when I figured this out.) Neither lid leaks, I like being able to tap the "smart" one and it tells me the (approximate) temp. I haven't washed the "smart" lid in the dishwasher, though I don't know if it matters. I have washed it off, and it told me how warm the tap water got when I did that. This is fun. It works the way it's supposed to, and the temperature function is cool.
Reviewed on April 10, 2022
This tumbler claims to keep hot 12 hours and cold 24 hours. I used the smart top which has a temperature readout and can report, see pics, that from boiling 212 deg F (filled tumbler to max) to warm 132 deg F took only 4 hours. Lid screwed down and opening closed. That the same temperature drop any other currently selling tumbler will match. At half the price. Actually, having the temperature displayed, adds a bit of a disappointment in my opinion. Better not to know, and just drink fast. The shape is well designed, it will easily fit any cup holder. It is not to big to hold in one hand, and with the screw top it ensures NO drip. A reviewer showed dripping, but most likely it was because if you use hot water, you need to screw the top, open the slider to allow steam to vent, then close slider. I tested several times, and the only time it leaked was when I didn’t release steam at the beginning. Nice to get another top, and have it transparent. Still, for the temperature gauge I feel it is just a gimmick.
Reviewed on April 18, 2022
Brings the temperature digital reading lid and a regular lid. The lid screws on tightly and makes a great seal. Just tap the lcd screen and the temperature will show. I felt it works better for hot liquids than for cold. It kept my coffee very hot. Almost so hot that it burned me when I sipped it. But when I fill it up with ice and water. The ice melts within a couple of hours and the temperature rises. I’ve used other tumblers that will keep the ice for a whole day and sometimes 2 days. Not the best for cold I guess. It’s a well made tumbler. Good quality all around. It’s lightweight. I like that the lid has a open and close feature. Keeps my liquid protected from dust and dog hair. The temperature display is the coolest and best part of this tumbler.
Reviewed on April 01, 2022
The media could not be loaded. I know most people already have tumblers for drinking may it be for sports, gym, travel or just for everyday use. So this package came with two lids, one with LED display and one just a regular lid. What separates this smart tumbler is that it can give you the precise temperature of your drink. For hot coffee or tea drinkers, you will know if your drink is too hot for you to drink. For cold drinks, you can know if it's not cold enough or you need to add more ice for a more enjoyable drink. Then of course the basic function of insulated tumblers making sure your drink can either stay cold or hot for a considerable time. Setting up You can readily use the tumbler with or without the regular clear lid. For the smart lid, you need to insert the battery first and make sure it's on the correct orientation, if not then of course it won't work. The temperature is displayed when you tap it 2x. The metal tool that came with it is not useful as it's not sturdy enough. It bent when I tried to use it to pull the battery compartment as pictured. This is not a biggie, I just used my Swiss knife or I can see anybody using a bread knife to open this. I hope the company corrects this minor issue. Quality I see a review saying that this tumbler is leaking. The tumbler I got is NOT leaking for both the regular and smart lids as shown in the attached video. The lid needs to be tightened as you would close any container with similar lids. I can say that the materials used is of high quality as the tumbler has a good weight. Overall, I love this smart tumbler. I'll give it a 4.5 stars, half star off for the weak metal tool.
Reviewed on April 25, 2022
The media could not be loaded. Overall a nice concept to allow us to see the temperature of the liquid in the tumbler. Where they miss the mark is on the execution. The battery release tool is worthless and seems like the R&D department just dialed it in to launch the product. It's a very thin almost soda can thickness piece of aluminum that doesn't work at all. I had to use a small screwdriver to release the battery compartment. You have to make sure the battery is pushed back snug or the lids won't fit correctly. As far as the accuracy of the temperature 🌡️ It's probably a 5* +/- accuracy You can have a wonderful product if you work out the bugs
Reviewed on April 18, 2022
This is an interesting concept for a to-go cup - a thermometer in the cup's lid to tell you the temperature of the liquid in the cup. However, if you've just made the contents yourself, you'll know whether it's hot or not. But for those who like to know the details of life, this is perfect.