MIAMIO - 6 x 6 oz Stoneware Cappuccino Mug / Cup Set Outside Black Inside Colorful - Le Papillon Collection (Red)


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  • π„π˜π„ 𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐑 – With the MIAMIO cups, every cappucino is an experience. The modern, matt black exterior gives the colourful cup a sophisticated and high-quality look. With their shiny bold colour inside, they also hold a nice colourful surprise. A stand for the cups is also included, which you can use to present our cappucino cups in your kitchen.
  • π‡πˆπ†π‡ ππ”π€π‹πˆπ“π˜ – The high-quality workmanship of stoneware makes the colors of the cappuccino cups particularly stand out. The high resistance of our ceramic mugs to wear and tear guarantees you a lifetime of the highest quality. Also included in the set are 6 black premium coasters for the coffee/tea cups.
  • πŸ” ππˆπ„π‚π„π’ – The colored set consists of 6 black cups. They have a volume of 6 oz. Our cappuccino cups of the series "Le Papillon" are available in blue, red and green, and as a combo in 6 different colors. The colorful cups are ideal for daily use, but also for giving as a gift to friends, parents, partners and the family.
  • π„π€π’π˜ π“πŽ πŒπ€πˆππ“π€πˆπ – Our mug set is microwave safe, dishwasher safe and refrigerator safe, so you can use the products in all daily situations. Furthermore, the coffee/tea cups are packaged in drop-tested packaging. A safe delivery is therefore guaranteed.
  • πŒπˆπ€πŒπˆπŽ – We are a German company and have a very high-quality standard for us. Your satisfaction is very important to us, a correspondingly professional and fast customer service is also a matter of course for us.

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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 02, 2022
These stoneware mugs are great for cappuccino and espresso. The cups fit nicely on the saucer. The metal rack is quite functional, but not strong enough for this set in my opinion. The hooks and bend off and break easy--I had to return the stand that came with the first box. I love the mugs and these beautiful colors. If stand was stronger-built better, definitely would be 5 stars from me.
Reviewed on September 27, 2022
These are awesome. Easy to clean and looks great on the counter.
Reviewed on September 03, 2022
This set is super cute and looks really good with my mini retro cappuccino maker. The cups are the perfect size and the matching saucers make things extra fancy. Everything was packaged really well and there was no damage in shipping. These are so cute that they would make a great gift too!
Reviewed on August 11, 2022
I was so excited to get these but to my disappointment two of the cups were broken. They seemed packed well but apparent rough handling in transit was more than they could endure. That's a shame because I think they are pretty. Rough handling is a way of life in my busy household, however. The saucers seem a lot sturdier. The cups themselves are sort of small. I'm used to mugs, so to have a traditional cup is a change. They border on dainty. But the colors are attractive and the ones that made the journey to me look nice hanging on their rack.
Reviewed on August 12, 2022
I have been looking for a while for a set of cups to use with my new cappuccino machine. After a bit of searching, I found this set by Miamio on Amazon and ordered them. These cups and saucers look very nice. They’re matte black with bright colors on the inside of the cups. But the quality is not the best….you can feel it when you hold one of the cups. They seem to be a poor grade of ceramic that will break easily. There’s no glaze on the outside of the cups and saucers which makes them more brittle. The cups and saucers fit nicely on the included stand which takes up very little counter space. The stand is very cheaply made, though. I would be careful carrying it with the cups and saucers on board. The metal is thin and seems like it could give way under the weight of it all. I like the look of this set and how neatly it stores away. But I’m unsure of the quality. It’s worth a try, though.
Reviewed on August 22, 2022
This beautiful set of cups for cappuccino is 30cm tall and 15cm wide. It really doesn't take up much counter space, which is great because I have none to spare. These are 6-ounce cups that are for cappuccino, but you could also use them for espresso, especially if it's a double shot kind of day. The cups are different colors inside and black outside, and they make a colorful display in the pretty rack with their saucers. The cups are nice, heavy stoneware that should last a good long time with proper care. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, and I used them for both without problems. Excellent product, pretty stoneware mug/cup set for cappuccino or even espresso that keeps everything you need handy but doesn't take up much counter space. I like the different colored cups (on the inside) because I always love things that are a little bit different from what I normally see. These would make an excellent gift for anyone, too.
Reviewed on August 21, 2022
My 90 year old Mother lives with us, and has found it difficult to drink her morning coffee out of our large mugs. We wanted something smaller, lighter, and yet pretty enough to make her coffee drinking experience special. These are PERFECT!! The colors are stunningly vibrant - especially set against the black. We have them out on our kitchen table, so she can easily access one when she wants a cup of coffee. She has no trouble with the weight of these cups, and they hold 6 ounces of coffee or tea perfectly, and would be fantastic for espresso or espresso drinks. The addition of the saucer is an absolute win!! We can serve my Mom a small treat with her coffee or tea, and deliver it to her without spilling. We LOVE these cups!!
Reviewed on August 15, 2022
Since they got here they've been in constant use. The inner colors "pop" really nicely against the black exteriors. My only real complaint is that the matte glaze on the saucers, while uniform in coverage, does have some runs here and there. You'll only see them if you go looking, and they don't cause the cups to tilt or otherwise ride the saucer funny. Like I said. I love these cups. They're an easy way to add a little life to your counter top and your coffee.