Hydrapeak Roadster 40oz Insulated Tumblers with 2-in-1 Straw and Sip Lid with Handle, Leak Proof Double Walled Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug - Keeps Cold for 34 Hours or Hot for 10 Hours (Steel)


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  • 2-IN-1 LID; Our unique 2-in-1 lid allows you to sip your drinks with the flip up Sip lid, and drink your cold drinks with the Integrated Straw lid, We took your two favorite ways of drinking, and built them into one awesome lid
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS; Hydrapeak's stainless steel tumblers are made from Double Wall Vacuum Insulated 18/8 food grade stainless steel that's easy to clean and does not retain odors; its BPA-Free and features durable and colorful eye catching finishes
  • LEAK-PROOF and SWEAT-PROOF; Hydrapeak created this 40 oz tumbler so that whatever you put in it, stays in, No more worrying about leaks, spills, or sweating, thanks to the innovative design of this insulated coffee mug with handle
  • COLD for 34 HOURS / HOT for 10 HOURS; Hydrapeak's Double Wall Vacuum Insulation technology lets this tumbler with lid and straw keep your drinks cold for up to 34 hours, and hot for up to 10 hours, it also fits in Most Cup Holders
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE; Hydrapeak products are made to last a lifetime; so we include a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects. We will replace any of our products found to be defective based on normal wear and use!

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity40 Fluid Ounces
Product Care InstructionsValues:
  1. Machine Wash

  2. Hand Wash Only
Unit Count1.0 Count
Item Weight1.22 pounds
Product Dimensions4.5 x 6.25 x 9.5 inches
Number of Items1
Item model number40oz Roadster
Date First AvailableMarch 21, 2022
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on July 19, 2022
TLWR; Great cup that works as stated, unless you get a faulty lid, which Hydrapeak will warranty, or you can play the exchange game with Amazon until you get a good one. Get one if this cup fits your needs, and if you can deal with a little adversity if needed! ---------------------------------------------------------- I'll start by saying that my go to insulated cup is my trusty Bubba Hero XL that has lasted years of abuse and is still going strong and I will always recommend it. The lid is leakproof and I use a silicone straw, but to close it requires pulling the straw out (not always an option) or shoving the straw into the cup before closing and having to take the lid off to retrieve it. Other features that it has that I like are a silicone/rubber bottom and an open bottom handle (which I use to hang it on my work cart or even a pant pocket). I was looking for a larger cup with all the same features as the Bubba AND also a built in straw that's still leakproof. This has it all, but the reviews make it seem like it's too good to be true. The first one I purchased works very well. It's the bare steel model and it came with a small dent in it's side. I can't knock Hydrapeak for that, because we all know the randomness/barrenness of Amazon handling and packaging, lol. It is only a little larger than the Bubba, and it's mostly in the bottom diameter which means it'll fit in less cupholders than the Bubba. It fits in my car's cupholder just fine. I decided that if the dent didn't compromise the insulation, I'd keep it. My first test was filling it up 7/8's full of tap water, remembering to pop the sippy end as I installed it (remember, ANY Leakproof lid from ANY manufacturer NEEDS to be vented when installed) and leaving it upside down on a silicone drying mat for an hour to check its leakproof-ness. Verdict, 100% Leakproof. Second, for insulation effectiveness, I filled it 1/3 of ice and 1/2 of tap water (leaving 1/6 of the cup free), installing the lid and set it on the counter for 24 hours. It still had a little bit of ice left after that, so with proper cooling (chilling the interior of the cup before adding ice and refrigerated liquid) this cup should easily keep your drink cold for the claimed 34 hours. 👍 Now we come to the dreaded straw. When I first had the cup in hand, I flipped it up and took a pull. It felt like sucking on a straw against my hand, a tight vacuum. I noticed that the silicone vent was real tiny. Popping the sippy lid released the vacuum, so I said, "not a big deal if it helps the straw work properly." After testing the leakproof-ness, I flipped the straw and took another pull and it worked. The vacuum effect had almost vanished, only noticable when you flip the sippy lid open. When I finish a cup, the vacuum returns. None of this is a deal breaker for me. Built-in flip straws are very uncommon in cup lids. Most adult drinking vessels with them are bottles and that's not what people who are looking at this cup are looking for. If you get one built like mine, you shouldn't be disappointed. BUT if you don't get one like mine... * Here's the asterisk. I bought a second one for my mother, in the Rainbow color. The only thing I initially noticed different was the rubbery coating used on it. Has a great feel and seems durable. The next day I got a call from her telling me the straw wasn't working! So I stopped by to look at it. After close examination, I discovered that there are 2 versions of the 2 way lid. In picture 1, my lid has a large gasket that wraps around the 'nozzle' area for the straw which actually protrudes into the cup deeper and comes with a shorter straw. The rainbow cup lid in picture 2 has a small donut shaped gasket that had dislodged along the way. The flipper end didn't look like it was seated correctly as well. Even getting the gasket in place didn't correct it. It still didn't work. So it was time to contact Hydrapeak for a new lid. As I sent word for a replacement with Hydrapeak, I ordered a third cup. I know, crazy, but Amazon has an amazing return policy, so why not find out how bad it can be ASAP? Well, the second rainbow came with the same small gasket lid, but everything seemed installed correctly and it worked just like my first one did. Hydrapeak did contact me back, apologized and said they'd send me a replacement. We'll see how long that takes and I'll update this if and when I get the replacement lid or if there are any other issues. ****Update**** Received the replacement lid very quickly. They said they'd send me shipping info first, but it just showed up a week after the correspondence. It is the same style as my first one. Hydrapeak, you rock! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reviewed on September 24, 2022
This tumbler is a great dupe to the Stanley 40 oz Quenchers. I love the look of Stanley that’s why I keep getting them, but this is honestly a whole lot better. This is legit leakproof! I filled it with ice and water and secured the lid and shook it while upside down and not even a drop of water. It’s amazing. In comparison to Stanley Quenchers, those are not leakproof, not even the new H20 versions. I love all of my drinks iced cold all year round. This keeps my drinks cold for more than 24 hrs. I like to fill this up halfway with ice and then the rest the drink of my choice and it works for me. The price point on this is great considering I paid about $25. Stanley Quenchers are $40. Mines is in the color Ice. It’s a VERY light lavender color. It’s a nice neutral color to me because it’s soft and light. Super cute!
Reviewed on September 21, 2022
Works as advertised. Built in versatility to go from sip to straw without having to change parts/lids or having a constantly protruding straw is a major win. Many mention issues with cleaning the silicone seal under the straw which tends to accumulate liquid and not easily just rinse out. Trick is to soak the lid in hot water to loosen things up a bit then once you get a little play in the mouthpiece you can move it to the side just enough to create a gap underneath with the silicone (while not breaking the mouthpiece of course, be judicious in your application of strength), then you can shoot a stream of water in the gap to flush out whatever is trapped under there. If you work 12's, I can vouch for this thing still having icecubes at the end of your shift. Haven't done hot yet, my addiction is iced coffee.
Reviewed on September 26, 2022
Firstly, the colour is gorgeous! Secondly, this is a really great mug. Fits in my cup holder, keeps the ice and the drink cold and the hot stuff hot as advertised. It does leak if you don’t close it properly but you can’t get an airtight seal unless you pop open the spout, push it down then close the spout which is a tad annoying but apart from that small hitch, I love it and I’ll be buying more. It is not dishwasher safe but it’s pretty easy to clean and I love that the straw is transparent so you can easily see if there is any gunk in there. All in all - great buy !
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
The only complaint I had was there were two small chips on the bottom of the cup. Not big enough that I was going to send it back. I will probably chip it way worse eventually. Its not a complaint because I doubted that it would fit in my cup holders. I have a Malibu and my cup holders are kind of small anyways. I don't usually use ice in my cups because I am not a fan so I am not helpful on that but water keeps cold even when I leave it in the car on hot days. I don't know how well the ice will keep but just the water stays cold. I love that I found a 40 oz cup that doesn't cost $40. I will be purchasing another color.
Reviewed on September 20, 2022
My favorite water bottle EVER. I found this searching for a not so outrageously expensive version of the Stanley 40oz tumbler that blew up for whatever reason, and to say the least- I am beyond impressed! Biggest pro - the straw is all built-in so it’s actually spill proof. Tested this out on long road trips, even when full it can lay on its side, be flipped upside down, knocked around by kids and it absolutely does not leak! Second biggest- it stays cold. holds ice for hours, keeps your water the perfect temp no matter how hot it is outside. I carry this bad boy around like it’s my third child, I’m never without it and I’ve never stayed so hydrated. It’s a 20/10!!!