Coffee Mug Set Set of 6 Large-sized 16 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mugs Restaurant Coffee Mugs By Bruntmor, Multi-Color

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  • Ideal For All Beverages: The multicolor coffee mug set is an ideal gift and matches well with any table setting. It can be gifted as a Christmas present or can be used as the perfect DIY mugs for decoration purposes. It’s an unforgettable mug.
  • Perfect For All Designs: The handle is well-built, there is ample space between the cup and handle so you can hold it comfortably. A simple shape with a multicolor makes your room full of energy and sunshine. Additionally, it’s the right kind of mug set you would want to serve your guests.
  • Easy To Clean: The coffee mugs won’t stain, rust or get scratched up. They are easy to wipe or can be easily hand washed. Dishwasher safe and cleans well. Each set comes with 6 mugs with a fun multicolor design: yellow, blue, orange, red, purple, and green.
  • Creative Funky Look: You can use these multicolored coffee mugs set for a wide variety of drinks and foods. They are an excellent choice for tea, coffee, hot cocoa, oatmeal, soup, protein shakes and more.
  • Wonderful Household Gift: Dishwasher safe and durable, these modern mugs will last. The material allows for a quick cleanup, and the mugs are great for regular use. These are an eccentric gift for housewarmings, wedding showers, work parties, and more.

Product Attributes:

Attribute NameAttribute Value
  1. Wedding

  2. Christmas
Capacity16 Fluid Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH16.1 x 11.2 x 6.7 inches
Number of Items6
Unit Count6 Count
Product Care InstructionsDishwasher_safe
Item Weight6.5 pounds
Package TypeStandard Packaging
Product Dimensions16.1 x 11.2 x 6.7 inches
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableMay 29, 2017
AvailabilitySold Out
Rating4 stars and up

Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on February 20, 2019
You know how you just go along, knowing you really need to get some things because you just moved into your new place (3 years ago) but you've never really had the time, and then, you have friends who call up and say - hey, we miss you. Can we come stay with you for a week? And, you say sure! because you miss them too. You hang up the phone happy , and you want a cup of coffee, then look around and see nothing that matches or is unchipped. As you drink in the steaming caffeine you realize you need some new things, and today's a good day to start with cups. These cups are fabulous! They are 16oz which holds a steaming mug of of tea or coffee, the paint on these cups is very high end. They will not flake or crumble over time. They are well made. I have owned these for 3 months now, with 3-5 people using them, running through the dishwasher at high temps. They have not chipped, flaked, or faded. The inside is a bright color (varies) and the outside is deep, matte , black which gives them the air of just a bit of sophistication while not taking themselves too seriously. You know, like you. Buy these. Today. Before they're gone. You'll thank my friends. I already have.
Reviewed on June 28, 2018
I was hesitant to order these mugs because of some of the reviews. They were exactly what I was looking for though, so I took a chance. I am really glad that I did, and now I wish I'd have ordered 2 sets. The size is great for a cup of coffee/tea with something added (i.e., cream), and it's also great for brewing from the Keurig. They have a nice feel to them, both in weight and materials. I personally like the matted black outside. We hand wash most dishes, and these are really easy to hold on to when they are wet, and that goes for the times you somehow get the outside wet when pouring something. The insides are glossy and beautifully colored. I only found one flaw in the six mugs, and it's minor. At the top of one of the handles, on the inside of the grip, there is a slight imperfection. It's a slight grove that you can feel when holding the mug if you have your finger against the top of the handle. It's not deep enough to impact the durability and barely noticeable. All of the things I read from other reviewers wasn't found on the set I received.
Reviewed on June 23, 2020
I had been looking for mugs for a long time and these were worth the wait. The matte black finish on the outside matches just about anything, and the different colors inside are fun to wake up to. The mugs are well balanced and easy to hold and holds a good amount of coffee. The only very minor drawback is the wide brim, which allows the coffee to cool off faster than I’d like. If you decide to buy two sets, which I did, make sure they’re from the same company! The set I just described is made by Bruntmor. The second set is a knock-off. They look very similar, but the 2nd set is shaped a bit differently and the colors are a tiny bit brighter. The difference wasn’t enough to return them, so I’ll have to see how well they hold up. I highly recommend the Bruntmor cups!
Reviewed on December 24, 2018
Love these mugs. Bought them because I've recently gotten in the habit of drinking lots of hot tea and we love to drink hot cocoa. I love the matte black finish, but also love the colors inside. When they're are several of us drinking out of them we don't loose our cup. We just have to remember what our colors are inside. Also, I've had these about a month now. They're very durable and have done well in getting washed in my dishwasher. I also like the size and how they feel in my hands. All in all I'm very satisfied. I would highly recommend for friends and family that love to drink coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate.
Reviewed on May 31, 2019
I was looking for some oversized coffee mugs, and these caught my eye, design-wise and price-wise. I was concerned for some of the comments indicating their mugs had arrived broken, chipped, or with colors missing, but I took a chance and I'm thrilled with these. They arrived packed very well in fitted styrofoam inside a colorful cardboard box. The mugs are perfect, not a chip, crack, or color problem in the lot. I can't speak yet to some of the other comments regarding mugs cracking from hot liquids or microwave, but if I do experience an issue I'll update this review.
Reviewed on June 25, 2019
I've used this set constantly for about six months now. None have chipped. (Miss Marsh - 9th Grade English - would say none HAS chipped.) Friends who visit regularly now have their favorite colors and will drink only out of that specific mug. I hear comments at least weekly from those who really like the colors. I'm one of those who leans toward jewel tones, so I understand the praise for these particular colors. Worth every penny, especially given the fact that I'm aware of how much I'm enjoying them every times I use one of them.
Reviewed on November 15, 2019
I bought a set that is very similar (white inside and color on the outside) and I just LOVE these mugs. They hold the PERFECT cup of coffee. I have like 40 mugs and these are the ones I'll always grab for. They're pretty and PERFECT size.
Reviewed on July 31, 2019
I love this set and use the mugs daily. My other mugs are Starbucks or Anthropologie and these hold up to that quality. They feel great in the hand and look great on my counter.