BrüMate Toddy - 16oz 100% Leak Proof Insulated Coffee Mug with Handle & Lid - Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug - Double Walled Coffee Cup (Dark Aura)

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  • FULLY LEAKPROOF: The BrüMate Toddy is the world's first 16oz, 100% leakproof, travel friendly, insulated coffee mug with a handle designed to keep your favorite hot, cold and carbonated beverages at the perfect temperature on the go.
  • PERFECT FOR HOT OR COLD DRINKS: Includes new BevLock Technology with the world's first fully leak proof locking lid, so you can take your beverage wherever you go without worry of condensation. Inlcudes a non-slip base so your drinks stay put without the worry of leaving rings on furniture or office desks.
  • VERSATILE: Your go-to for camping, travel, gym, office, work from home, and chill at home thermal, coffee mug, goes anywhere and everywhere. The high-quality, durable, leakproof design allows you to toss it in a bag or purse without worry of spilling.
  • EASY TO USE: Double-threaded designed portable coffee mug is made for lefties and righties (just turn the lid with the opening facing out, and twist clockwise 180°), and the proprietary, interior coating makes it easy to clean with a lid that's top-rack dishwasher safe.
  • STYLISH: Comes in a variety of different colors and prints to match your fit and style - great for men and women.

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Date First AvailableJuly 29, 2021
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Ratings & Reviews

Reviewed on August 25, 2022
The BruMate Toddy 16 oz 100% Leak Proof cup does exactly what it says! I have terrible insomnia and will only sleep on average about 4 hours a night before waking up. Once I wake up, I’ll fix my coffee and get back in bed propped up in bed listening to my podcasts or audiobooks. On the off chance I nod back off, I needed a cup that prevented a big coffee spill to rudely and quickly wake me back up. This cup has saved me from just that several times. I just make sure the lip is pressed down and the lock is then slid forward until I hear it click to know I’m safe in between sips. The BruMate has rolled out of my hand a time or two, locked in place, without a drop spilled once I snatched it back up. I definitely would recommend this cup to anyone with possible grip issues, crowded work areas where you want to protect valuable papers, or for fellow coffee loving insomniacs like me.
Reviewed on September 07, 2022
I bought this on Prime day and it definitely lives up to the hype. It kept coffee hot and fresh for over 4 hours. For me the best feature is the leak proof lid with the tiny magnet. The 16 oz. mug doesn’t fit in my car cup holder so I just keep it on my passenger seat. I never have to worry about it leaking!
Reviewed on September 22, 2022
Keeps coffee hot for hours and great for work. Can actually put in my work bag with lid locked and know it will not spill regardless if it tips over. Highly recommend!
Reviewed on September 17, 2022
Great cup/mug/thermal with no spillage or leaks. Only minor peeve I have is that when I turn to put the lid in place, it not symmetrical to where the opening (drinking portion) would align to my mouth if I were to hold it by the handle
Reviewed on September 04, 2022
Keeps coffee warm I am a slow drinker. Coffee will stay warm over an hour. It’s not as good as some others as far as keeping coffee warm for long periods of time. So if you are wanted to take your coffee out on a cold day thinking it will keep it warm for a long time, I would but An actual thermos this will not keep it warm for long periods of time in cold weather.
Reviewed on September 15, 2022
This thing does not leak. It's really that simple. The cover locks in place, and I think it would be nearly impossible for it to accidentally open. Great for hot or cold beverages. I haven't really tested how long it keeps hot/cold. Wonderfully done.
Reviewed on September 16, 2022
This cup is great. I like it so much I bought a 2nd cup in white shimmer. The cup is less bulky/heavy than the other brands and still keeps my drinks at the temps I want them to be. No issues w leaking at all.
Reviewed on September 03, 2022
I'm really surprised, but it really is leak proof. Hot damn. And believe it. I thought, haha 😆, no way. When I opened the box for the cup? I thought, this darn thing is going to break after several tries to open it up. The locking mechanism was Soo tight. Well after I washed it the first time it was loosened up properly. And believe it. Does stay 🔥 hot.